I’m a DAD!

O.K. – I’ve been talking about this on Facebook and everywhere else, so I suppose I should formally “announce” this on my blog, too,just for posterity if nothing else.  My wife and I just had our first child!  We had a little boy, born on May 31, and we named him Luther Martin.  Of course, the name is primarily a reference to the great Reformer, Martin Luther.  However, it is also a tribute to my good friend and former Bible professor, Dr. Joe Martin.  Regardless, Luther is the most amazing, adorable, and ceaselessly fascinating baby that we’ve ever seen – and we are absolutely crazy about him!

I should write a great deal more about this and turn this into a “theological perspective of having a baby”….but, how can words do justice to this?  I don’t believe they can.  It’s just amazing and wonderful, and it makes me think that every un-married person in the world should pray for the Lord to bless you with a wonderful spouse (in His time) so that you might be able to experience this for yourself!

Anyway, at least now you know my reason for not having been writing more on here.  Preparing for a baby – and HAVING one – is really a team effort, and I expect that our schedules will only get less flexible from here!  Please pray for us, though, as we begin this new stage of life as a family of three!  Also, please be patient with me in regard to my blogging; Writing is one of my great passions in life, so I will surely get back to it as I’m able.  Thanks – and blessings to you and each of your families!