A Sound Response to Some Bad Theology

In case you haven’t heard, popular Christian publishing house Waterbrook Multnomah – under the banner of their liberal publishing line, called “Convergent Books” – has agreed to publish a new book titled God and the Gay Christian, which argues (from a supposedly evangelical perspective) that homosexuality is compatible with biblical faith.  The author, Matthew Vines, is a 24-year-old former Harvard student, and left school in order to delve more deeply into studying this topic for himself.  In this book, he (and apparently the publisher) believe that he has maintained a “high” view of Scripture while showing persuasively why the Bible does not forbid homosexual love.

Thankfully, a team of biblical scholars whose knowledge of God’s Word is (I’m convinced) far more comprehensive and sound has already issued a published response to this controversial new book.  Al Mohler and a team of professors from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary have already prepared articles which they’ve made available as a free e-book, titled God and the Gay Christian? A Response to Matthew Vines.  More information about this and a link to the free e-book may be found here – http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=881d5069aff43e94a45316e5f&id=9e655c6155&e=1054bcbc16.

Unfortunately, this conversation isn’t likely to be going away anytime soon.  There will always continue to be some people who insist on twisting and manipulating certain portions of God’s unchanging Word in a desperate attempt to vindicate their own radical positions on moral issues such as this one.  Everybody hopes that they can convincingly show others from the Bible that their own favorite sins aren’t, in fact, sins at all – and homosexual people are no exception to this tendency.   Nonetheless, God has already clearly addressed the subject in his Word, and it’s never our prerogative to alter what he says.  So, shame on Waterbrook Multnomah for publishing such a book in the first place – and special thanks to Dr. Al Mohler and his team at SBTS for responding to it in such a timely, articulate, and biblical way!